5 Best Places to Shop Near Oxnard, CA

5 Best Places to Shop Near Oxnard, CA

  • 05/20/24

Situated along the picturesque Southern California coast, the area surrounding Oxnard is a haven for retail enthusiasts, offering an extensive selection of shopping venues to suit all tastes, styles, and wallets. From contemporary outdoor malls that blend shopping with leisure to the unique charm of downtown boutiques, this area promises a shopping experience like no other. This guide highlights the top shopping destinations in and around Oxnard, providing a sneak peek into the diverse retail options waiting to be explored.

1. Camarillo Premium Outlets: A Haven for Bargain Hunters

Just a short drive from Oxnard, the Camarillo Premium Outlets provide a paradise for those looking to find premium brands at discounted prices. This expansive outlet mall features over 160 stores, offering significant savings on high-end brands and designer labels. From fashion to footwear, accessories, and more, the Camarillo Premium Outlets cater to a wide array of tastes and preferences. Shoppers can enjoy a day-long excursion here, with ample parking, dining options, and a children’s play area, ensuring a comfortable and convenient shopping experience for the whole family.

2. The Collection at RiverPark: A Modern Outdoor Lifestyle Center

The Collection at RiverPark is a carefully curated shopping and entertainment destination that exemplifies the Southern California lifestyle. This open-air marketplace offers a blend of retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment options, making it a perfect spot for families, fashion enthusiasts, and foodies alike. It’s not just about shopping; The Collection fosters a community atmosphere with its beautifully landscaped spaces, outdoor seating areas, and a range of events throughout the year, including live music and festivals. Anchored by major retailers and complemented by unique local boutiques, The Collection at RiverPark offers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

3. The Oaks: A Premier Shopping Experience

For those willing to venture a bit further, The Oaks in Thousand Oaks presents a premium shopping experience. This two-level indoor mall is home to over 180 stores, including luxury retailers, popular high-street brands, and local boutiques. The Oaks is not only about retail; it offers a comprehensive lifestyle experience with its multiplex cinema, dining pavilion, and family-friendly attractions. The mall’s recent renovations have enhanced its ambiance, providing a modern and inviting environment for shoppers seeking quality and variety.

4. Downtown Ventura: Discover Local Gems

In addition to the notable shopping centers nearby, Downtown Ventura offers a vibrant shopping experience that beautifully complements the area's larger retail hubs. Ventura, CA, boasts a lively shopping scene along Main Street, attracting both locals and visitors with its eclectic mix of stores. Among the favorites are Iron & Resin, offering rugged, stylish apparel and accessories tailored for an adventurous lifestyle, and Passport Habits, known for its unique collection of global artisan crafts that add a worldly charm to any home. House of Stone is another gem featuring exquisite custom-carved stone and fine art. This district provides a rich shopping experience, combining local culture and distinctive finds that reflect Ventura's spirited community and scenic backdrop.

Pacific View: A Classic Shopping Destination

Located in Ventura, just minutes from Oxnard, Pacific View is a testament to traditional mall shopping with a modern twist. Home to a wide range of retailers, from well-known department stores to specialty shops, Pacific View caters to a diverse shopper demographic. The mall’s layout is designed for easy navigation, offering a comfortable and relaxed shopping atmosphere. In addition to shopping, visitors can enjoy a variety of dining options and participate in community events hosted at the mall, making it a central hub for entertainment and socializing in the area.

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