Hollywood Beach

Hollywood Beach offers a unique blend of historical allure and modern luxury, making it an idyllic place for those drawn to the sea and its endless possibilities.

Welcome to Hollywood Beach, CA

Where nautical charm meets historic elegance under the California sun

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Hollywood Beach, CA, is not just a neighborhood; it's a vibrant community where the golden era of Hollywood glamor meets the laid-back lifestyle of Southern California's coast. As the original beach development in Oxnard, this area boasts a rich history, once the stomping ground of icons like Rudolph Valentino and Errol Flynn. Today, Hollywood Beach offers a unique blend of historical allure and modern luxury, making it an idyllic place for those drawn to the sea and its endless possibilities.

Just steps away from the marina, residents enjoy the convenience of having both the harbor and the beach within a two-minute walk from anywhere in the neighborhood. This unparalleled access ensures that views of the marina and beach are a common luxury among many homes here. With yacht clubs, restaurants, and bars all within walking distance, Hollywood Beach embodies the quintessence of an active, nautical lifestyle, perfectly complemented by the serene beauty of its surroundings.

What to Love

  • Historic Roots: Live in a neighborhood graced by Hollywood legends and steeped in California's rich coastal history.
  • Marina & Beach Access: Unique positioning allows for unparalleled access to both the harbor and the beach, offering the best of nautical living.
  • Vibrant Community Life: From yacht clubs to dining by the sea, the community fosters a lively and inclusive atmosphere.
  • Scenic Views: Many homes boast mesmerizing views of the marina and the ocean, setting the stage for stunning sunsets and serene mornings.

Local Lifestyle

The lifestyle at Hollywood Beach is characterized by its active, nautical nature. Residents often start their days with a jog along the shore or a coffee overlooking the marina, embracing the peaceful yet invigorating energy of the sea. The community's love for the water is evident in its myriad of water-based activities, including sailing, jet skiing, and kayaking, offering endless entertainment and leisure opportunities. Social life thrives at the local yacht clubs and bars, where neighbors gather for a drink, share stories, and enjoy the camaraderie that comes with living in such a unique setting. Hollywood Beach is a place where the charm of old California beach life blends seamlessly with the conveniences and luxuries of modern living.

Dining and Shopping

At Hollywood Beach, dining and shopping are imbued with local flavor and nautical charm. Harbor Mart and Waterside offer shopping experiences that cater to both daily necessities and the pursuit of unique finds. Dining options range from the fresh catches at Sea Fresh to the casual elegance of Lookout Bar & Grill and Rudder Room Bar, where locals and visitors alike can enjoy the ocean's bounty alongside panoramic views. Honey Cup and Hollywood Beach Cafe add a touch of sweetness to the neighborhood's culinary landscape, perfect for breakfasts and brunches by the sea. Meanwhile, the Maritime Museum and Southern California Jet Skis provide not just services but experiences that enhance the nautical lifestyle of the area.

Things to Do and Entertainment

Entertainment at Hollywood Beach is as diverse as its marine ecosystem. Island Packers offers excursions to the Channel Islands National Park, providing a gateway to adventure and exploration. The Marine Emporium Landing is a hub for waterfront activities, while the McNish Classic Wooden Sailboat Race and the Farmer's Market embody the community's spirit of tradition and local craftsmanship. Seasonal events like the Holiday Lights Cruise and various car shows bring the community together, celebrating Hollywood Beach's unique culture and scenic beauty. Whether it's engaging in outdoor activities or attending local festivities, there's always something happening in Hollywood Beach.


Hollywood Beach Elementary stands as a beacon of educational excellence within the community, offering quality schooling options for younger residents. The school is known for its committed staff, engaging programs, and a supportive environment that fosters learning and development. Families moving to Hollywood Beach can take comfort in knowing that their children will have access to an educational institution that values academic excellence and personal growth.

Hollywood Beach, CA, is more than a neighborhood; it's a lifestyle choice for those who yearn for the sea's tranquility and the adventure it promises. With its rich history, vibrant community, and endless opportunities for leisure and exploration, Hollywood Beach offers a living experience that is both luxurious and deeply connected to the natural beauty of California's coastline.

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